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Pogorzelica is a well- known destination for family holidays. There are a characteristic sea micro- climate, rare pine forests and wide sandy beach. There are the best conditions for extraordinary holidays for both- those who like lying on the beach and those who like spending their time actively. You can play beach volleyball, ride a bike, walking by the lakes- Liwia Łuża and Konarzewo or go on a trip by Seaside Narrow- Gauge Railway, which is a pride of the Rewal coast.

If you like wandering through woods, this is a great place for you! There are over 100 hundred years old pines in forests which are situated along the seashore. In our area, there are no steep cliffs, like in other places, but rather gentle sand dunes. The view from the lighthouse in Niechorze is definitely one of the most beautiful at the Baltic sea.

Neighboring towns: Niechorze, Rewal, Pobierowo, Trzęsacz, Pustkowo are also full of attractions. Being around, you should check out a lighthouse in Niechorze, Roses and Love Alley or Rewal’s Whales in Rewal, ruins of the gothic church or a Museum on a cliff in Trzęsacz and Batic Cross of Hope in Pustkowo. You will never get bored!